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Matcha Cultivation

Matcha Cultivation

AOI Matcha Tea is cultivated primarily from the Nishio area, Aichi  as well as from Kyoto, the Number One Production locations for Tencha and known as the Green Tea Capitols of Japan! Learn more about AOI Tea Sourcing.

Unlike Sencha, Tencha teaplants (the raw material which becomes Matcha after processing) are grown in gradually reduced sunlight over a month’s period of time.

Only the new leaves are picked. Depriving the tea plants of sunlight makes the leaves thinner, more tender, and produces a fresher, deep green color. The leaves also contain much higher levels of chlorophyll.

To improve the quality of matcha, AOI harvesters select the finest tea leaves.  This timing is crucial to result in the cultivation of the best matcha and it takes a a true master with years of experience to choose the optimum time for harvesting.



Matcha Cultivation: Step 1

matcha cultivation70% of the sunlight is blocked and tea
is shaded 25 days before harvest.

Matcha Cultivation: Step 2

matcha harvest95% of the sunlight is blocked 15 days
before harvest


Matcha Cultivation: Step 3

matcha cultivation & harvestAll fields are then completely covered
by black netting just days before picking.

Matcha Cultivation: Step 4

matcha harvest processingThus resulting in tender fresh leaves
ready for harvest.


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