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Ceremonial Grade Matcha

The AOI Tea Company's ceremonial grade matcha tea is some of the finest green tea found in the world and also a very healthy way to consume matcha green tea.

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Bulk Matcha Products

AOI provides the best matcha to use an as ingredient. From food safety, clear traceability, premium quality and best pricing, we are the #1 bulk matcha manufacturer.

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Wholesale Matcha Products

At AOI we pride ourselves on offering a customized selection of wholesale matcha and have been supplying premium grade matcha for wholesale for over 100 years!

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Best Japanese Matcha Green Tea

  • With only one sip of soothing, velvety matcha tea, it's natural properties will penetrate your soul and all throughout your body. It will cleanse and calm your very core essence.

    In Japan, matcha has been carefully grown and remained part of the culture for over 800 years. Matcha tea is a vibrant green color that is easily recognized and it possesses many healing properties and health benefits along with a smooth, savory flavor.

    Over the last few years, matcha green tea has become extremely popular among consumers in the West and throughout the world. With the AOI Tea Company, the healthy benefits of traditional matcha powdered tea is no longer an ocean away. We are the world's leading manufacturer of matcha green tea. We are a matcha supplier, providing wholesale, bulk and private label matcha for companies around the globe.

    While green tea has been embraced in the United States and Canada for many years now, matcha is quickly gaining ground among tea enthusiasts. Matcha green tea is different from green tea in a number of ways. With matcha green tea you are consuming the entire tea leaf and you experience all of the health benefits and great taste that it provides, unlike traditional green tea where you are only consuming the what seeps from the tea bag into the water.

    "Longevity. Vitality. Wellness. These are the words we live by.  As in ancient times, AOI Matcha tea plants are carefully picked, steamed, dried, and ground by granite stone mill into the finest Matcha green tea powder. For over a century, my family has been passionate about creating the finest quality Matcha." -- Ayano Honda, AOI Secha, Japan

    By consuming the entire tealeaf, Matcha contains far more nutrients and antioxidants than all other teas, and studies have shown it lowers cholesterol as well as the risk of liver disease. Furthermore, Matcha contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine, which helps the body stay energized and the mind stay alert.

    woman with matchaMatcha is unique in that unlike other green teas, matcha is cultivated, harvested and processed into a finely ground powder. The AOI Tea Company is a matcha manufacturer, and the great care taken during cultivation to gradually shade the tea plants from sunlight in the month before harvest results in thinner, more tender leaves, and Matcha’s signature, vibrant emerald color. This careful attention to growing and harvesting makes matcha green tea one of the most premium teas around.

    During harvest, which takes place in May of each year, only new leaves are picked. The leaves are steamed and then dried. Next, they are sorted for grade, and stems, veins, and any inferior quality leaves are removed. At this point, the leaves are called tencha. After the tencha is ground on a stone mill into a superfine powder, it is known as Matcha.

    When it comes to the grades of matcha, there are a wide range of grades for different uses. Matcha ranges from ceremonial grade matcha used for premium tea connoisseurs to professional grade Matcha for use as an ingredient in food and beverage production. In the United States, AOI offers everything from our award-winning premium Matcha to cost-effective, ingredient grade Matcha.

    Creative cooks and chefs use Matcha green tea in a wide range of foods and beverages, entrees, pastas, chocolates, scones, cakes, ice cream, lattes, smoothies, cocktails, and much more. You can view some of these matcha recipes on our website.

    As a matcha supplier, AOI welcomes retailers, wholesalers, food/bev companies and health product manufacturers to enjoy our matcha green tea. Register online with AOI to become a wholesale vendor or visit the AOI online store to make a purchase today. Contact us for Matcha Wholesale USA.


Learn How Matcha Green Tea Is Made

  • Matcha Cultivation

    AOI Matcha Tea is cultivated primarily from the Nishio area, Aichi  as well as from Kyoto, the Number One Production locations for Tencha and known as the Green Tea Capitols of Japan! Learn more about AOI Tea Sourcing.

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  • Matcha Manufacturing

    AOI spares no expense to ensure that its matcha is top of the line and this includes the way we manufacture our matcha.

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  • Matcha Sourcing

    Our main production location for Tencha is in the Nishio region in Aichi prefecture, buried deep within the heart of Japan’s main island, Honshu.

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