Matcha Research & Development

Matcha Research & Development

Many companies have caught onto the trend of Matcha and have chosen to include Matcha green tea as an ingredient in their products and are looking for research to support this.

Are there studies to support Matcha’s health, flavor and color benefits?

There have been many studies that support green tea benefits. And Matcha is the absolute best of all green tea (due to the fact that it is consumed entirely as ground whole leaf and not just steeped in water).

A quick search online will result in plenty of research entries, but let us start your quest with some of the more popular entires:

- Read Matcha and Green Tea Scientific Studies here.

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Scientific studies prove Matcha is healthy:

    - A green tea extract high in catechins reduces body fat & cardiovascular risks in humans.
    - Green Tea may protect against Breast Cancer
    - Green tea may protect gums against disease
    - Green Tea Weight Loss Study
    - Stability of Green Tea Catechins in leaves


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