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Matcha Sourcing

Matcha Sourcing

Our main production location for Tencha is in the Nishio region in Aichi prefecture, buried deep within the heart of Japan’s main island, Honshu.

Rich in the historic success of Matcha cultivation, the Nishio region is one of Japan’s best kept tea secrets. AOI is also proud to announce that it owns the largest organic tencha fields in the Aichi area.

In order to keep up with higher volume requests AOI also acquired a tencha factory in Kyoto. The previous capitol city of Japan and a cultural as well as religious hub of Japan’s history, Kyoto is also known as the Green Tea capitol of Japan. Home to some of the oldest tea plantations as well as the best seasoned farmers, Kyoto has long been the source for many of the largest tea companies in the world.

These abundant resources make AOI one of the most diversified matcha manufacturers available to North America!



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